Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sneak Peek: Classical Explorations Week 2

ART: Last week, the kids made a paper diorama of the savanna. This week we'll be populating it with standing paper animals and reinforcing our art concept of mirror images.
SCIENCE: Active games to get the kids thinking about the types of consumers and who eats what.
SNACK: Sticking with the animal theme of art and science, I’m serving up this little parade.

Lions and Tigers and Bears - Yum! Yum! recipe
Savanna Snack
 Photo from kraftrecipes.com
We'll build a motte and bailey style castle and perhaps assault it
 with marshmallow projectiles.
Kids will receive coloring pages for both King Harold II and
King William I.
A search and find book with minimal text that follows life in a castle
through a whole year.
Pages six and seven contain a great image of an early castle like the ones
built by the Normans shortly after they conquered the Saxons.
Plus there are lots of images to find.
We'll be reading If you were a Pronoun by Nancy Loewen.

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