Monday, October 7, 2013

Ancient Rome for Little People: a booklist

Created to accompany  the Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages, Chapter 1
Here is an alternative reading list to the one found in the companion activity book to the Story of the World Volume 2: the Middle Ages by Susan Wise Bauer. SugarPlum is in Kindergarten so it's geared toward early elementary students.
  100 Things You Should Know About Ancient Rome by Fiona Macdonald

Engaging illustrations and easy to understand prose. Facts are organized by category. Moves along at a clip which keeps little people engaged but still remains highly informative.
  You Wouldn't Want to Be a Roman Soldier!: Barbarians You'd Rather Not Meet by John Malam

We haven’t read this particular book. I have used multiple titles from this series in SugarPlum’s pre-k and kindergarten curriculum. The humorous approach and cartoon drawings make some of the less pleasant aspects of history accessible to young readers.
  You Wouldn't Want to Be a Roman Gladiator! by John Malam

Told in the second person. Follows the gladiatorial career of a captured Gaul from his enslavement to his untimely and unfortunate end in the arena. Humor and cartoon illustrations enable kids to engage with a tough subject without being overwhelmed.
  Roman Town by Hazel Mary Martell

Cutaway and bird’s eye views illustrate the order, beauty, and everyday life of a Roman Town. Look at the map on pages 10 and 11, then allow your child to choose which part of town they want to explore first.
  Ancient Romans by Daisy Kerr

Short and concise. Lots of illustrations. This series is a favorite at our house.
  Ancient Rome by Peter Chrisp

Even if this book is a bit much to read in it’s entirety, you can still enjoy the fabulous see-through pages and photographs of ruins and artifacts. It does contain an illustration of people fleeing Pompei. So take a peek at it first before you share with very young children.
Most books are available through the Roanoke Valley Library system.

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