Friday, August 16, 2013


Juggling schedules and school assignments for several kids can turn letting one child participate in an activity into a huge production. Here is what is available at my house for siblings not participating in Classical Explorations. If you need something specific, please ask. I don't want your morning to feel like this:

Babies: I have a play pen. Someone is welcome to borrow it for morning nap time. Feel free to bring your own. There are at least two, possibly three rooms, where you could set up a play pen and then close the door so your little person can snooze. There are lots of baby toys. They're not sanitized and my munchkin drags them everywhere. You're welcome to let your little ones play with them. I won't be offended if you feel the need to wash them first.

Little people: you are welcome to use the play room. It's kid friendly but not baby proof. Just be sure and pick up after yourselves :-). 

Older kids: the family room has a place to sit and I can set up one or two tables. Wifi. The back deck is also a nice place to crash when the weather is pleasant.

If you've chosen to drop off your child(ren), Brookside ParkWalrond Park, and the Hollins Branch Library could also be great options for the rest of your people. 

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  1. I may crash on your deck, just because! :) What a nice thing you are doing for our families!! May the Lord Bless your endeavors!