Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take a Break

If you'd like for Classical Explorations to be your time as a parent to find a little peace, quiet, and sanity, I'll be happy to watch children participating in the play and learning group or older children who are able to read or work quietly on their own without interrupting.

You get one free morning to shop, work with an older child, sip a mocha, plan your socks off, or do laundry, or all of the above because you're just that awesome. Although CE officially ends at 11:30, if you pack your child(ren) a clearly labeled lunch, you're welcome to leave them until 1pm. Cost for the first child is $5 per week (in place of, not in addition to, the supply fee). Cost for a second child in the same family is $4 per week, and so on. If you don't need childcare every week, then you may opt to select either odd or even weeks. The alternating weeks when you hang out during CE, you only pay the supply fee of $1 per child. Payment for the entire month is due at the first meeting of that month.

UPDATE: It seems that most moms need more flexibility regarding when they use Classical Explorations as childcare. You're still welcome to choose one of the options above. However, if you just want a few mornings off then email by 10 pm the Friday before class. I understand that kids get sick and other unforeseen circumstances arise, so if you have an emergency or quasi-emergency and dropping your kid off would really make your life easier, go ahead and give me a call even if it's past Friday.

Please note: Classical Explorations is not a licensed child care or educational facility. Like most homeschool parents, I'm happy to give fellow parents a bit of break by babysitting. 

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